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Very Good Distinction

First of, beautiful work! Very distinct characters, and by that I mean as soon as I heard each voice a clear image of each character popped in my head. If that's a bit too weird to comprehend, it means you did a damn fine job!
Also after trying forever to hammer out a decent script for my own Demo, that your script was very excellent! It gave each character a good reason for being there and a good chance to show quick summary of their ranges.
Overall, huzzah-worthy work!

BubblesZOMG responds:

Thanks! Actually while trying to think up a script I got to thinking about how often things get in the way of doing any new recordings, I wondered what it would be like if I were to have a conversation with the "voices" in my head... I meant to detail that a little bit more in the script its self... maybe I'll get to it at a late time. thanks for the review! =)